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        1200 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007-2927


        Main: (602) 542-4250


        Docket Control (eDocket): (602) 542-3477

        Our dual missions:

        (1) to establish and preside over all procedural aspects of, and make substantive recommendations for the resolution of, all Commission cases that involve evidentiary hearings as well as many Commission cases that do not involve evidentiary hearings; and

        (2) to operate the Commission’s Docket Control Section, which is responsible for receiving all case filings made with the Commission and maintaining the Commission’s eDocket system, through which the public may obtain access to all case filings and Commission Decisions.

        The Hearing Division’s 10 Administrative Law Judges (“ALJs”) exercise the Commission’s authority to hold evidentiary hearings on cases involving the regulation and oversight of non-governmental utilities (“public service corporations”), pipeline and railroad crossing safety, and securities and securities salespersons and investment management advisors pursuant to  Arizona’s Securities Act and Investment Management Act.  For each assigned case, the ALJ establishes the procedural requirements and schedules and if an evidentiary hearing is held, presides over the formal hearing that involves opening statements, sworn witness testimony, cross-examination of witnesses, admission of documentary and other evidence, and closing statements or post-hearing briefs.  In addition to evidentiary hearings, ALJs also preside over oral arguments, rulemaking oral proceedings, arbitrations, public comment proceedings, and procedural conferences/status conferences.

        The assigned ALJ makes the substantive recommendations for resolution of a case in the form of a Recommended Opinion and Order (if an evidentiary hearing, rulemaking oral proceeding, or arbitration has been held) or a Recommended Order (if no evidentiary hearing, rulemaking oral proceeding, or arbitration has been held).  The Commission considers each Recommended Opinion and Order/Recommended Order at an Open Meeting.

        Stay Connected

        Check here to sign up for Consumer Alerts from the Corporation Division. To receive alerts for your business register at eCorp.azcc.gov.Please call 602-542-3026 with questions for the Corporations Division.

        Check here to sign up for Notices and Agendas for Commission Meetings, Hearings and Appearances.Please call 602-542-3931 with any questions.

        Check here to receive the latest Commission News Releases and information. Please call 602-542-0728 with any questions.

        Arizona Corporation Commission

        1200 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Corporations Division

        1300 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Tucson Office (Walk-ins only)

        400 W. Congress Street

        Tucson, AZ 85701


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