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        Jim O'Connor


        Jim O’Connor brings a unique, needed skill set formerly absent at the ACC. Jim’s 42 years’ experience in finance with responsibility for regulatory compliance, investment portfolio management, and enterprise leadership makes him the only commissioner with that expertise.

        Jim  will protect Arizona citizens who are utility consumers from unfeasible ideas that would cause utility rates to skyrocket, resulting in undue hardships on many of our citizens.  Jim will fight unsound regulations, crack down on financial crime, uphold the Arizona State Constitution and protect Arizona families and their finances.

        Jim has a long history of public service volunteering for leadership positions in the Republican party. Further, Jim served for years on bylaw committees for the Arizona Republican Party, Maricopa County Republican Committee and Legislative District 23 in Scottsdale.   He served as a member of the Electoral College in 2016.

        Jim has also served for 12 years on the Board of Grace Line Ministries, a non-profit Christian mentoring organization. He enjoyed four years of enrichment studies at Phoenix Seminary and is a partner at Pinnacle Forum in Phoenix. Jim brings wisdom, integrity, and experience to the job for the good of the citizens of Arizona.

        Stay Connected

        Check here to sign up for Consumer Alerts from the Corporation Division. To receive alerts for your business register at eCorp.azcc.gov.Please call 602-542-3026 with questions for the Corporations Division.

        Check here to sign up for Notices and Agendas for Commission Meetings, Hearings and Appearances.Please call 602-542-3931 with any questions.

        Check here to receive the latest Commission News Releases and information. Please call 602-542-0728 with any questions.

        Arizona Corporation Commission

        1200 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Corporations Division

        1300 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Tucson Office (Walk-ins only)

        400 W. Congress Street

        Tucson, AZ 85701


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