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        1300 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007-2996


        Main: (602) 262-5601


        Fax Number: (602) 262-5620


        Email: safety@azcc.gov


        Pipeline Main: (602) 252-4449


        Railroad Main: (602) 542-7772

        Railroad Crossing Emergencies

        Federal and State rules enacted recently require that every railroad company post a 24/7 emergency contact number at each railroad crossing.

        The number is printed on a BLUE SIGN and posted on each side of every crossing, on or near the crossing signs or equipment.


        Railroad Blue Sign


        If you see an emergency situation at a railroad crossing, the fastest response will be by calling this number and reporting it directly to the railroad company's emergency personnel.

        For all other situations, especially those involving a complaint or investigation, call the ACC Railroad Safety Section at (602) 542-7772.

        Stay Connected

        Check here to sign up for Consumer Alerts from the Corporation Division. To receive alerts for your business register at eCorp.azcc.gov.Please call 602-542-3026 with questions for the Corporations Division.

        Check here to sign up for Notices and Agendas for Commission Meetings, Hearings and Appearances.Please call 602-542-3931 with any questions.

        Check here to receive the latest Commission News Releases and information. Please call 602-542-0728 with any questions.

        Arizona Corporation Commission

        1200 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Corporations Division

        1300 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Tucson Office (Walk-ins only)

        400 W. Congress Street

        Tucson, AZ 85701


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