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        1200 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007-2927


        Phoenix Office: (602) 542-4251


        Tucson Office: (520) 628-6550


        Toll Free In-State Only:

        1-(800) 222-7000

        En Espanol

        What problems can the Utilities Division help me with? Our Consumer Services Staff can investigate your inquiry or dispute if it concerns:

        • Rates or charges
        • Installations or disconnections (proposed or recent
        • Responsibility for a bill
        • A request for a deposit
        • Refusal of service by a utility
        • The quality and type of utility service
        • A utility's policies and procedures

        Consumer Services

        Our Consumer Services Staff cannot help with inquiries or disputes concerning:

        • Merchandise sold to you by a public utility
        • Complaints against landlords/property owners concerning high bills or disconnection of service
        • Complaints concerning bottled propane and/or oil companies
        • Complaints regarding municipally-owned utilities
        • Complaints related to cable television or satellite TV service
        • Complaints related to internet service or providers

        Consumer Complaint Process

        You should always contact the utility first to see if they can help solve your problem. We cannot initiate a complaint on your behalf because we are not the accountholder. However, once you have attempted to resolve the issue directly, we will contact the utility to see if we can find a solution to your problem. We welcome your calls and will do our best to assist you.

        Complaints can be submitted by telephone, letter, email or in person. Depending on the complexity of the complaint, you may be required to submit a written summary of your dispute and provide supporting documents.

        Step-by-Step Complaint Process

        The First Step: If you have a complaint about a regulated utility, and have already attempted to resolve the issue with the utility, Consumer Services staff may be able to assist you.

        You can also fill out the form below and a representative from our Consumer Services Section will contact you. They will also contact the utility for their perspective on the complaint. Current rules allow the utility 5 business days to respond to the Commission. Certain circumstances require expedited handling and the Consumer Services staff will know if this applies to your complaint. To file a complaint, fill out the Consumer Complaint Form by clicking the form button below. This form contains the basic information we will need to begin assisting you. Please be as complete as possible in the space provided.

        If That Doesn't Work: If after filing an informal complaint you and the company have failed to reach an agreement, you and the utility may agree to mediate the issue before a representative of the Commission. At mediation you and the utility will present your respective views and proposed remedies for the problem. The representative will offer a non-binding decision reflecting what he or she believes is a fair resolution of the problem based in the information provided.

        Filing a Formal Complaint: If a mediation is not agreed upon by both parties, or the mediation process does not provide a suitable resolution, the informal complaint may be escalated to a formal complaint. At the formal complaint level, the proceedings are much like a court case.You open your formal complaint by filing a detailed, written description of your dispute, what you have done to address the issues so far, the specific Commission rules or administrative codes you believe were violated and the specific resolution you are seeking. A formal complaint package containing all necessary forms and information will be provided.

        You and the utility will testify in front of an administrative law judge. You should understand that the party filing the complaint bears the legal burden of proving its case. The judge will then prepare a recommended Opinion and Order for the Commissioners to review. Copies will be provided to you and the utility. The Commissioners will make a final decision on your case during a public open meeting.

        How to Contact Us: To request help from the Arizona Corporation Commission, please call us Monday through Friday at the numbers below between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

        Within Metro Phoenix: 602-542-4251

        Outside the Metro Phoenix area, but within Arizona, call toll free


        Stay Connected

        Check here to sign up for Consumer Alerts from the Corporation Division. To receive alerts for your business register at eCorp.azcc.gov.Please call 602-542-3026 with questions for the Corporations Division.

        Check here to sign up for Notices and Agendas for Commission Meetings, Hearings and Appearances.Please call 602-542-3931 with any questions.

        Check here to receive the latest Commission News Releases and information. Please call 602-542-0728 with any questions.

        Arizona Corporation Commission

        1200 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Corporations Division

        1300 W. Washington Street

        Phoenix, AZ 85007


        Tucson Office (Walk-ins only)

        400 W. Congress Street

        Tucson, AZ 85701


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